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We Can Do It! Your #Numerology Vibrations for January 11, 2014


Unlike the 2nd of the month, we're looking at a 2 that's taking on the attributes of the Master Number 11. That's to our advantage - not because of what we can obtain freely, but to motivate us towards what we wish to accomplish (1).

The 11 wants the best for us that we can achieve. And with all those 1s in the equation, we're acquiring a little more umph to move towards our goals.

Today is a day of action

If we opt not to accept it, nothing happens. If we choose to accept it, we're that much closer to our dreams.

What can you do to move towards one of your goals? Grab a piece of paper and pen and write down steps you might have to take to get to your ideal goal.

Which step can you accomplish today?

Make it realistic, but wishing & hoping will not be one of them. This is a day of action.

Make it Happen!