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You Can Make It Happen! Your Numerology Vibrations for January 10, 2014


If you've been doing some soul searching over the past few days and coming to a conclusion surrounding mainly business and finance (or things affected by business/finance), don't be surprised if you finally make some heavy-duty decisions today.

In fact, you'll be given several opportunities this month but that doesn't mean you have to procrastinate.

When the 1s appear in our numbers, it's time to begin doing something about it. Both 9 and 1 are action numbers, with 1 taking the lead. 9 encourages us to rid ourselves of people, places, and things we no longer need and 1 says, "And what do I wish to accomplish?" Then, it gets out of the chair and begins to create it.

So, what do you wish to leave behind and begin creating? There's no time like the present!