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Assertive or Aggressive? Your Numerology Vibrations for February 19, 2014


This is a fantastic vibration if you're alone and you have major plans & goals to accomplish.

This is not a fantastic vibration if you must interact with or include others.

When the double 1s come into play, and particularly if you already have 1s in your numerical blueprint (as I do), there is a strong desire to surround your daily activity and concepts with what only you want. We get lost in our projects and interruptions can become an unwelcoming irritation.

With those irritations (depending on how many 1s you're vibrating with), our sense of healthy assertiveness can turn to aggression. However, we choose whether we stay and act out, or walk away to calm down.

And with the 3 in the middle, we might just say more than we should. Choose wisely as tomorrow, we'll revisit those interactions with a different outlook.

Today, use the organizing calendar to create a balanced day. Work hard - play hard and give yourself a little of both, even if you have to jot down appointment times.