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Boredom Need NOT APPLY! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 14, 2014


It will be an "interesting" day today with these 3 numbers. On a day when the world recognizes "love" for one another (or a significant other), we have 3 very cerebral numbers (not emotional numbers) joining forces.

And the two 5s scream, "I want my freedom! Let me out of here! I NEED CHANGE!" 

Ummmm......this could be interesting.


Boredom Need Not Apply!!

If your Valentine is sitting on the sofa performing exercise routines with the TV remote, this is not in the double 5s agenda.

Don't wait for another to provide a good time under this vibration. Make your own fun! And if those around you don't appreciate it, it's their loss (spoken like a 5).

Kick up your heels!
Jack up the music!
Bake or buy your own cake and eat it, too! 
Love the person in the mirror and purchase them a Valentine!