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Business? There's a Better Way! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 17, 2014


Double 8s - A great combo for a new week and a new Monday morning (if you work outside your home).

The 8 isn't so much to do with action in front of the scenes, but behind them. This is where the supervisors, the CEOS, and the troublshooters dig into the business in the backroom and come up with better ideas - better ways of doing things.

As it's also Monday, this is a good time for brainstorming meetings, making decisions with co-workers, and implementing new ideas.

If you're looking for a job, it's time for the new resume, new way of searching, or a new career altogether. What you've been doing hasn't worked, so how can you change it? Use the energy of the 8s to come up with a better plan. Ask questions of others - people who would know. Ask others how they did it.

Me? I'm building a major website for a company, so I'm going to bask in this vibration throughout the day with a fine cup of coffee. Here's to a good work day for us all!