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Color Me....A Cup Of Coffee! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 15, 2014


If family/friends are not at the top of your list today, it could be that you'll be leaning towards another feature of the 6.


If you're in a part of the world where  staying indoors is a part of life right now, don't be surprised if suddenly taking count of how you live becomes important.

We're looking at the drapes, the carpeting, the throw rugs, and/or the furniture. 
"If I paint that white, it just might look really sharp!"

"Blinds would look so much better on those windows!"

"Who picked out the colors in this place, anyway?"

"Oh Good God! THIS has got to go this Spring/Fall!"

"I can't stand my clothes! This year, I'm spicing up my wardrobe."

And depending on what we have to do this Saturday, we might even end up in the paint department of a major retail store choosing paint swatches. We might surf the web in search of ideas, blueprints, plans, and other peoples' designs. Or, we're looking at fashions to figure out how to spice up our lives.

Due to weather we may not actually start the projects today, but oh, can we create them and get ideas ready.

In the meantime, if you live in any "this will have to wait until Spring" locations, try baking during the day as well. Baking, cooking, and sharing a good cup of coffee is also at the top of the 6 list!