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Have Some FUN! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 3, 2014


Hang onto your check/cheque books. This is absolutely a fun-loving combo that says, "Spend it ALL! We're having a great time."

When I see this combo, I actually smile and/or laugh because this is the absolute party animal that says, "As long as there are checks in the book, there's money in the bank....right?"

Of course, if you are terribly frugal, you will never quite go overboard, but at least you may lighten-up today. So, if you are in need of something, today's a good time to take care of those situations.

It's also the combo that just has to have a bit of fun. It's not going to get through the day without some good times.

Talking - Laughing - Telling Stories...even if we're at work, enjoy the conversation of others and start of the week with a bang. And above all, have some FUN!