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Heads Up, Retail! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 8, 2014


No one wants to particularly look at a photo such as that, but it's a double 8 day. It doesn't mean we don't enjoy what we do, but we'll be working double strength at choice!

For those in retail, it's a great vibration. We'll work for the money, but there will be investments at the end of the day. Progress is in the making.

Perhaps you don't have to go outside your home to get some things accomplished. Yes, it's a great time for home repair. Under the vibration of 8, everything surrounding us wants to look good and that goes for your home. Take advantage of the weather and get several things accomplished.

And as the double 8 can be a "too busy" vibration, do give yourself an opportunity to take a break. Hopefully by tomorrow, you'll be enjoying today's accomplishments!