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Hit The Swings! Your Numerology Vibration for February 21, 2014



That's right. And it's a Friday! Many of us will be heading into a two day weekend so this is perfect. And just because you're working today, doesn't mean you can enjoy the evening.

3 can be about the artist and communication, but on another note, 3 is the number of the child.

We laugh, tell stories, play board or video games, eat junk food, and spend money. We run, skip, tumble, dance, and maybe we can even twirl (when no one is watching).

We also may throw a tantrum or two, gossip, yell, scream, and act out. It'll be our choice.

If you work in an office, consider giving everyone a little break today. Allow a little more laughter and friendliness. Take snack food to share.

In this day of go-go-go, few of us here in the States even get breaks or lunch time any longer. It's work straight on through 9 hours. If you're in a supervisory role, fire up the coffee pot and say, "SIT for the next 15 minutes! Let's have some coffee." If 15 minutes is going to fold your business, you needed to get out a long time ago.

LIGHTEN UP & PLAY! Hit the swings at the park on the way home (weather permitting). Who cares who's watching? PLAY!