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It's A GO GET 'EM Day! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 1, 2014


February is one of those months of hope. The shortest month of the year, we know that Spring is on its way and the days will begin warming up.

Think back to December, 2013. What were your vibrations like? We have a repeat performance - so here we go with THE DOUBLES!

If December wasn't particular fun for you, remember, you can take these same vibrations now and choose an energy to your advantage. It's perfectly fine to say, "How will I use it for myself?" and go from there.

THE DOUBLE 1s - Personally, it's my favorite, but it won't bring cuddly "let's all get together and share" feelings. It's the number of getting things accomplished. It has a "It's about MY accomplishments and not necessarily about yours" attitude. (We're on our own on this one).

It gives us that added umph to go after what I want and it can bring about some arguments in the mix when it comes to conversations. It's better to listen than speak in some situations today or just tune out certain interactions.

All in all - excellent day for closing deals, finishing projects, and taking action on anything you wish to do.