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It's a Wrap! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 27, 2014


Today, we wrap up the last 4 days of
major decisions.

We've been feeling, observing, and deciding what's staying and what's leaving. Today, It's a Wrap.

We don't have to do anything, if we choose. We can stay in one place and settle for "what is." We can take on the attitude that we've "made our bed and now must lie in it." Or we can embrace change.

If we've made up our minds, the double 9s (and that wonderful master number of 11 that says, "What is your highest and best good?), is the vibration that will help us take the step.

Today, you choose whether it ends (whatever "it" is for you). And tomorrow, it's "Full Steam Ahead" to wrap up February and head into the rest of 2014.

What will you forge towards?

If this seems like it's been a crazy three months, we went through this same vibrational pattern in December, 2013. We've revisited if for a second time to give us another opportunity to make major life decisions.

Next month, the vibrations will ask you to test the waters to tweak your decisions. Here we go!