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Sherlock Has Nothing On Me! Your Numerology Vibrations for February 7, 2014


Double 7s! The brain will be working like a computer today - analyzing to the extreme. In fact, we can really make mountains out of mole hills. The trick will be to give yourself some balanced time.

The 7 loves to do detective work so if you have to dig deep into solving a problem, you're all set. Better yet, find a 7 Life Path to help save time. Their brain works this way everyday and today they'll be in all their glory. They also won't take all day doing it  because time is of the essence with them.

Cuddly vibration? No. Doesn't mean you won't, but 7 is the loner number and the tendency will be to rationalize why we need to be on the computer or attending to our projects that much longer.

In school and have a paper due? Hit the computer today and start in! Along with the 4s, the 7s love a good challenge and this is a vibration whereby you can go the extra mile.

So, put on your detective hats and whatever needs to be researched, observed, discovered, and/or fixed, go for it!