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The First Small Step. Your Numerology Vibrations for February 28, 2014


February 28. And we always stop and wonder, "Do we have a 29th this month?" No. Not this year.

The shortest month of the year will be completed this evening, but not before we look at the double 1 vibrations. We've made up our minds about a lot of things these past several days and now it's time to begin the steps.

1 is the leader, the CEO, the Captain, the Supervisor, and the Inventor. We can change our hats between all of them, but we are the designers of our lives. What will yours be?

Change is never a pretty word. We want to just keep it on an even keel with goodness coming to us at all times. But to move forward, we have to get uncomfortable, lonely, insecure, all those things we don't even want to voice. Otherwise, we just "are". We settle for what is with no hope of leaving it behind. We accept what others have to offer, sacrificing our own needs and wants.

Today, begin the change. It may be a simple change you're wanting or a complex one. Whichever it may be...take the first small step. Otherwise, it just is.