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The Way To Another's Heart...Your Numerology Vibrations for February 6, 2014


I like double 6s. My destiny number is a 6 and I don't mind if we get this show on the road. Hopefully, one day.

6 is the number of the family and community. This means all types of relationship interactions are on the front burner today. It can be positive such as:
  • meeting a new lover
  • getting married
  • making a commitment with another
  • creating a family
  • family reunions
  • hearing that your child made the honor roll or valedictorian
  • graduations
  • your son/daughter got their first job

OR, it can be a bit on the challenging side:

  • divorce
  • separation
  • family reunions (notice that can go both ways)
  • your teenage daughter is now pregnant
  • your son just totaled the family car
  • someone gets fired
  • self-sacrificing over issues

All these (and more) are family dynamics. They can affect a few people or a community of people, but whichever it is, relationships of all types will be magnified under the double 6.

However, in all situations, we are not forced to feel or react a certain way. We choose how we will respond. If you feel that self-sacrificing behavior is where you're headed, consider making your decisions tomorrow when the double 7 has you researching and observing rather than reacting.

For all the homemakers and cooks out there, this is a perfect day to fire up the stoves and ovens. The way to another person's heart, is through their stomach - or so the saying goes!