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What Was I Thinking? Your Numerology Vibrations for February 13, 2014


Truthfully, this (or the 16th) should be Valentine's Day and not on a 5 day that says, "I WANT A CHANGE!" But that will be tomorrow. Stay tuned for that writing!

TODAY! It's a double 4 and we're doubly thinking of our homes, the feeling of "home", stability in our lives, and security. It may center on your job and financial income or the environment that surrounds you.

Whichever is on the forefront of your thoughts, this vibration will have you thinking twice about a lot of future plans, if you're not happy with the present. It usually starts with "What was I thinking?"

No matter where you're located in the world, if weather has you locked inside, no time like the present to read, research online, write "pros & cons" lists, save valuable information in a file, ask questions online or of others, to find better ways to satisfy your life.

DIY projects can become quite popular under the 4. However, with the double 4, I wish no weather related repairs upon anyone (though I know some will encounter them).

Consider catching up on the little things in our home. Small repairs, organizing a drawer, cleaning your house (that's what I'll be doing), laundry - it's time to catch up and then enjoy the evening!

As I'm under 14" of snow, I'm staying in and wishing everyone a very safe, enjoyable day.