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Doing What You Love. Your Numerology Vibrations for March 2, 2014


Love & Artistry
Intuition & Prophecy
Negotiation & Communication
Caring & Playfulness

We can mix and match any of these descriptions together to find out the vibrations of the day but it will be a little different for everyone. It depends on what you need to do.

The loving/caring of the 2 meets artistry and communications of the 3. It's a great day for having a lovely breakfast with loved ones. Enjoy the conversation and make it playful and light.

We can very much enjoy the hobbies that we love. If we're not working outside the home, we have time to relax and sew, whittle, paint, create, write, sing, dance, take photos - whatever we enjoy doing.

Perhaps there is a creative outlet that you wish to learn or investigate. Again, this is the vibration to begin under. You may discover a new hobby or you may discover that wasn't the right one or you.

However, you choose to spend this Sunday, find something you love about it, no matter how small. And allow the playfulness within you come out for others to see.