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Don't Talk To Me! Your Numerology Vibrations for March 7, 2014


We've been talking about relationships these past few days and we're going to give it a break for about a week.

Today, we're looking at our job(s). If we're considering a new one, if we're revamping or expanding an existing one, if we're wanting a promotion, anything to do with business/career/finances - this is a good time for researching how to accomplish it.

7 is not just the spiritual seeker. It's also the researcher, observer, analyst, detective, psychologist, and problem solver. It's asking, "How can I get this accomplished?" and then surfing the web, asking others, reading papers, etc., to figure out the way.

This is also a fairly quiet combo, so don't take it personal if people are not in a chatty mood. If you already have a 7 or multiple 7s in strategic areas of your numerical blueprint, the mind will be racing (more than usual) and conversation REALLY is not on your agenda.

It's just a good "get out the tablet and make notes" type of vibration that wishes to strengthen the stability/security areas of our lives. Go for it!