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Don't Unbuckle Yet - Your Numerology Vibrations for March 14, 2014


The roller coaster continues.

We'll revisit this several times during March so that we have the opportunity to look at the relationships around us.

Who stays? Who leaves?

Whether the relationships are personal, business, neighbor-based, club, church-based, or community, they're under the micro-scope this month.

Just because we were involved with them once, doesn't mean it's forever. And if it's not a forever relationship, it doesn't mean it was a failure. They were they only there for a reason or a season.

And with the 8 in the midst of  5/6, we're also asking ourselves "Is it healthy for me? How would I feel if I changed the players in my life?"

So today, we're asked once again to review those around us. Ultimately, is this person holding me back or allowing me to move on? When I need someone, who is there and who is not? Is anyone there? Perhaps it's time for new players.