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Fix The Bloody Pipes! Your Numerology Vibrations for March 25, 2014


LET'S TALK about another aspect of the Number 8 because I'm in the full midst of it this morning - ever since 3:30am this morning.

8 LOVES to look good. Yes. And if you're in an 8 house, we have double the vibration. An 8 house wants to look good = repairs abound! It will go out of its way to bust, break, leak, whatever it needs to do so that you give it a lot of love and attention = $$$.

So, even though this vibration can bring about a day of researching solutions surrounding career, jobs, and finances, it can also spend your finances when it comes to a house/flat/apartment/RV - wherever you may live.

This morning, I will be "researching" plumbers because personally (1), I've had it with the attention these pipes are requiring (1).

Good day, all - hang tough.