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Give a Second Chance. Your Numerology Vibrations for March 17, 2014


8/9 - what are we wrapping up today?

What in your finances will you consolidate, change, or bring to a conclusion? 
Will you keep your present job or let it go?
What conclusion did you make regarding your health because it wasn't working?
Or what possessions did you opt to give away because they were no longer needed?

Today is an action day when it comes to several things and if it's regarding what you do for a living, it could affect many living situations in your life. With the 8/9 combo, it's generally your decision of whether you let it go and not something forced upon you.

For those on their way to work, this can actually be a quieter Monday. 9 is the humanitarian and then there's that lovely 11 in the midst of it.

Give your co-workers a break today. Walk and talk softly. Put yourself in another's place. Re-evaluate if it's that important today. Give a second chance.