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Here We Go! Your Numerology Vibrations For March 1, 2014


We've made our decisions and now in the month of March, we'll tweak them to see

1) ourselves beginning to carry them forward
2) how to carry them forward
3) if they work for us
4) if it's really where we want to go

There are no absolutes when it comes to walking this Earthly path. So if you're waiting for perfection before taking the step, that's all you'll ever have - waiting.

Remember, every situation that "appeared" not to have worked was just a stepping stone on your way to achieving your goals.

Today is only a bit of the same vibration of yesterday except we're truly seeking it for our highest and best good. If you don't know where to begin, you've got the master number of 11 today to ask those questions.

Take a few quiet minutes somewhere, anywhere...and ask the big questions. Trust that the answer will come. Listen to what you hear. Know it's on its way. Ask and watch for signs (those can be fun)!

Here we go...!