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I'm Worth It! Your Numerology Vibrations for March 16, 2014


I'm a workaholic, and I'm a double 7, so no matter what day of the week it lands on, I'm ready. I'm also a 7 surrounded by an 8 address, city, and state. It's right up my alley even though 7 and 8 are supposed to be challenges to each other. (But it's not about just one number - a topic for another time).

The detective/researcher meets business on this combo, though it can also bring in major decisions, health, or the environment you surround yourself with. So let's talk about the fun one today.

The environment you surround yourself with. When 8 enters the picture, (and particularly if you have 8s in your blueprint), we begin upping our standards. The 8 loves looking fine. So when it comes into our midst, we may discover that a product we buy will cost more - not because the store changed all the pricing that day, but because we want something better!

We may even choose to do a little consumer researching before our purchase (7).

Even if we only have a small amount of money to spend and have settled for "what we can afford", we may discover that once there, we still pick and choose among what's offered. Why? Because we want to look and feel good.

This is a great time to say, "I'm worth it! I deserve it!" Because we do.