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Just Do It. Your Numerology Vibrations for March 19, 2014


It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Perhaps...This is not a sit down and contemplate vibration - it's one of action. 

Yesterday, we wanted to wrap it up and "let's get it started, already!" it. It's a good vibration for the commercial "Just Do It!

Under this vibration, we do tend to be more emotional but we can also tap into a side of us that's very intuitive. 

What do you feel about where you're going?
How do you feel about what is before you or the steps being taken?

The 2 will help us re-adjust as we go along. 

For some reason, many of us believe that if it's a good thing ("if it's supposed to happen"), we must be gloriously happy every step through the process. No. We're human. We experience a myriad of emotions. 

So, don't give up if you hit a time of doubt or uneasiness. Walk out in nature, have a cup of coffee/tea, look at the skies, and continue on. You can do it!