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Make It Fun! Your Numerology Vibrations for March 21, 2014


It may include business networking.

It may be a good time to finally paint those walls with creative patterns and fascinating color


Are you a teacher or parent? 
Are you a workshop leader? 
Do you have a new employee that you're training? 
Do you need to teach someone something today?
Do you need to learn something today (if you live solitary)?

4 is also the teacher/student and 3 is creative, loves stories, and wants to have fun. Keep that in mind when it comes to the student in your life today.

Make it fun. Utilize stories in order to teach. Bring in laughter. Compliment a lot. Bring snacks (where appropriate).

You may already have had your game plan in order. Revamp it. Take a chance and do some of it impromptu. Think of a great story from your childhood to tell as a lead in.

Listen to your audience. If their faces are buried in their desks trying to hide, it's not fun. And no matter how much you'd like to stick with the methodical 4, the lively 3 will keep your audience attentive.

Make it fun, folks!