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Make The Time. Your Numerology Vibrations for March 6, 2014


Yesterday, we were chomping at the bit regarding changes in all types of relationships. It hasn't left, but we are asked to figure out our next step.

Research, problem-solving, analysis - it's a 7 thing. If  you know what you want your change to be, this is a day of checking out the steps you feel you need to take.

Will it involve moving? Start looking at the ads or real estate booklets.

Will it involve counseling? Seek out a counselor that resonates with you or someone can recommend. Make the appointment.

Needing to have a major conversation with someone? Make time today. 6 is caring with their words; 7 can step outside the box and look at things with a different eye. Keep it low and under control (7).

If you're thinking, I want to do these things, but it really surrounds my work and business (not necessarily a person), apply it towards that as well, but know that your vibrations will be stronger tomorrow in that regard.