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No Tantrums! Your Numerology Vibrations for March 18, 2014


I had a dream last night that could fit into this vibration today.

Quit One - Start Another

And in my case, I was like the child-like 3 throwing a tantrum and yelling, "I quit!"  And even in my dream, I thought, "Do you want to do this one more time? Do you see a pattern here?"

That could be your mood as well today. But let's take another look.

If you're at the point of "quitting one & starting another", stop, think and walk softly with yourself. You'll have another day tomorrow to "start another" with a better attitude or better equipped.

It's not that your goals are wrong, or whatever you need to wrap up and leave behind is supposed to stay. But with the 3 in the middle, Wow! We can really throw it out the door with all the theatrics!

In the meantime, continue your plans (1 = action), begin leaving behind that which isn't working (9) and if it gets a little stressful, keep the cups of tea going (3). 3 would like that.