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Shake It Up! Your Numerology Vibrations for March 22, 2014


The Queen of Methodical and Organization meets the Queen of "YOU Are So BORING!"

The 4/22 sits back hoping the 5 will come to their senses while the 5 jacks up the sound. 

When the 22 comes into our midst, we're being asked to bring out the teacher/student in ourselves. We truly wish the best for those around us and don't mind sharing our wisdom. 

However, it's not a "I'm shoving it down your throat" vibration when it comes to wisdom. The best we can hope for is to dispense it and let it be.

There is enthusiasm with the 22 and the 5 will enjoy that. After all, "Boring Need Not Apply!" 

So if today you are a workshop leader, writer, teacher, parent, whatever takes you into a teaching position (that's right, parents), shake it up

Do something out of the ordinary!
Get people out of their chairs!

Don't be boring!