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Show Me The Paint! Your Numerology Vibrations for March 12, 2014


What other vibrations will the 3/4 produce besides the obvious networking business?

Turn your "space" into a mural or at best a colorful design!

Let the artists get out their brushes, the painters bring out their rollers, and make your space (a room, a wall, you choose) interesting and enjoyable.

Neon colors (or those that set your teeth on edge) probably need not apply (4), but the 3 might really help you playfully spruce up a spot. And though you might think of the childrens' rooms first (a 3 sort of thing to do), the 4 says, everyone should enjoy it.

For the non-venturesome, you don't have to be elaborate. You might be considering just a nice warm country white (with it's tinge of yellow) over the top of that drab "whatever" there is now.

The Question Is: Does it make you feel better? That's the ticket!

"But does it have to be completed today? I have to go to work!" Of course, not. But you can design it today. In fact, on Saturday there'll be another vibration that goes quite nicely with the actual application. However, if you have time today, have at it!