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Stagnation or Betterment? Your Numerology Vibrations for March 5, 2014


Change + Family/Community.

Do I stay? 
Do I leave? 
Do I move? 
Do I re-arrange? 

What did you decide in February?

This refers to any type of relationship: marriage, personal, family, work, neighbor, hobby group, club, etc.

If it hasn't been serving your highest and best good, and you decided it was time to move forward, you'll feel that vibration again today (and several times this month). It's gently reminding you, do you choose to remain stagnant or make your life better?

And what would make it better? A total break, counseling, less time spent, more time spent, separation, or commitment?

If we wait for everything around us to change, chances are nothing will happen. Change begins within us. And if you're too busy today to take a step, mark it on your calendar for your next day off. Begin the change then. (We'll have another look at it tomorrow).