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Trust Your Gut Feelings! Your Numerology Vibrations for March 28, 2014


Did you take a step forward yesterday? 


And don't let the 2's melancholy stop you. 2 is very emotional and allowing it to take over, we begin questioning our moves and decisions.

The emotions of the 2 are not there to make us second-guess ourselves. It's there to hone our empathetic, end intuitive skills. It says, "Trust your gut feelings" when it comes to decisions. But with that encouragement, we may experience emotions that don't feel - let's say - wonderful.

At those times, sit back for a few minutes. Take a break. A cup of tea/coffee/juice would be perfect about now. Just fixing it will get our minds off of the emotions and allow us time to refocus.

All in all, this vibration gives us a little push and umph as we enter the weekend.

Perhaps you are working tomorrow, or perhaps you have it the weekend off. Whichever it is, enjoy this day! The challenging vibrations of March are almost completed.