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Walk Slowly With Your Feelings. Your Numerology Vibrations for March 24, 2014


We've passed the roller-coaster weekend and though we aren't necessarily slowing down, at least we won't see that particular vibration for the rest of the month.

6 - the number of nurturing/family/community.
7 - the analyzer, researcher, psychologist, spiritual seeker

Over today and tomorrow we have another set of days whereby we will research what is best for us. And what is best for us will most likely require change. It's inevitable.

And what parts of our lives will it touch? Today, we are looking at relationships of all types. Tomorrow, business, finances and health.

Be the researcher. If you already have a good idea of where you need to be headed, it's time to research the steps needed. You most likely understand by now what needs to be done. If an appointment of a professional or medical nature is required, make an appointment. But if that's a difficult step, wait until tomorrow when there is a no-nonsense vibration to help push you forward.

You also may find that you're performing these steps for those around you (hubby, wife, significant other, children, parents, etc.) Don't overlook yourself in this group because part of the vibration says that everyone needs to be looking at their own path.

Walk slowly with your feelings. Remember that the Universe wishes the best for you. Take Action.