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We're Down To The Count! Your Numerology Vibrations for March 29, 2014


The last master number for the next 12 days - quite a gap.

On that note, let's address the 11.

It's not a money-bags number or one that says, "Please. Sit on the couch and allow me to serve you. I'll send everything you want to your door so answer it when they knock. Oh no, don't have to do anything, just sit."

It's action whereby you surround yourself with what is best for you. It's a motivating vibration that will have you also looking for success for those around you.

Now you can't change someone else's life unless it's signing your child up for a special program that will impact his/her future but you can certainly send healing vibrations to another individual and/or share some really positive wisdom with them. Whether they take it (or just parts of it) will be up to them.

Today, with this all important new moon beginning around midnight to 3am in the United States, WHAT is best for you?. Be serious and logical. This is the time to start behaving or making decisions for the future you dream of. You must take some type of step, or make some type of gesture that allows the Universe to step in and say, "Not a Problem! Let's forge towards it."

What you sow, you shall reap.

Choose wisely.