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Will You Win An Oscar? Your Numerology Vibrations for March 30, 2014


As in all challenging combos, there are several avenues we can choose from. We can search for the positive (our choice), or we can let loose and rip up everyone around us with our attitudes.

The 3 (the child), has the ability for communication whether it is creative, constructive, or downright throwing a hissy-fit.

The 4, methodical and organized, can lack imagination and turn into a pitbull when it comes to "being right."

So yes, the actor can meet the serious taskmaster today and really go all out in theatrics. Oscar winning performances may abound depending on whom you hang out with.

OR we can grasp onto the quieter vibration of the 6 and ask first, "What good will come of this? What good can it possibly serve for myself and others?" 

If you're in that surrounding today, turn up the tunes (3 likes that) and chill. Use the 3s imagination to envision future goals. Down the road, it will provide great surprises and results!