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Wrap It Up - Get It Started! Your Numerology vibrations for March 9, 2014


9 - wrap it up
1 - get it started

Just a great vibration for a Sunday - particularly if you don't have to work outside your home. It gives you time to really contemplate your next move.

So which one do I do? 

It's one of those combos that allows you to leave one thing behind and start anew. Naturally, the start anew may not be completed by this evening but then again, whatever you're leaving behind didn't begin overnight either.

And it doesn't have to be a major change. Because I read this article this morning, I'll use it as an example.

It could be something as simple as those contemplating getting rid of their expensive Smart Phone in lieu of a regular cell phone, thus saving as much as $110 a month (I did). And though I had withdrawals for a few weeks, I don't think about it now. Many cell phone places are open today and this would be an example of a 9/1 in action.

Whatever you need a change with, let it happen today!