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You Spent How Much For This? Your Numerology Vibrations for March 4, 2014


"You Spent How Much For This?"

The 4 wants organization and is a business/finance number. It wants to make a profit and have investments. It doesn't like risk. 

The 5 is all over the board wishing for the good time and is as spontaneous as the 4 is overly disciplined. It's the gambler.

But when I look at this combination, the first thing that runs in my mind is something I experienced walking the Camino. 

Coming from a distant country, it's not necessarily the cheapest trip in the tour book. So, every time I ended up in a situation whereby I really didn't fit in with my fellow travelers, the phrase, "You paid how much for this?" kept popping into my head. 

"Yes, but I don't want to walk alone and I only have such n' such more time." So I'd settle for what was but ultimately, the day would not be a joyous memory. Silently, I would hear the words in the back of my head, "You paid how much for this treatment? A once in a lifetime trip, and THESE are going to be your memories? What are you settling for?"

Twelve days before ending the trip, downhearted, and in physical pain, I walked away. Heading into a dark, cold rain with no one around me to watch tears run down my face, I hobbled all day, alone, to my next destination. It was the best move I made the entire trip. 

So one of the combos of today is the 5 saying to the 4 "Lighten Up!" Is it worth it? How much are you paying for this? Weigh it out.