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11 & 22 What Will You Take From It? Your Numerology Vibrations for April 29, 2014


Two Master Numbers join together - the Visionary and the Teacher. What will you take from it?

Because I am writing from the Southern US, naturally my focus for myself and home are the destructive tornadoes moving through the area and heading towards me. What will I take from it?

Other people around the world, will be looking at the events surrounding their lives and communities. 

If we break down the 11 and 22, we're looking at 2/6/4 - the three numbers of relationships and primarily the closest ones to us - Love, Family, & Home. The 11 and 22 also look at these avenues, but with an added twist.

Do you have love, family, & home around you and do you want the?
Time to set intentions.
Are you happy with what you have in these categories? Or is it time to spice things up? Begin with you. Take the first step.
Time to start a family? No time like the present. Again, set your intention.
What can you do to encourage those around you?
What can you learn from each other?

Walk softly today and realize that simple things are precious. They are gifts. How are you treating your gifts?