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Choose Relationships Wisely! Your Numerology Vibrations for April 13, 2014


Though 4 and 8 are the business numbers of Numerology, we are also visited by the 6 which encompasses family. Security and stability around family will be the high point today.

You may be one of many that has no immediate family, and in this case, we are looking at the relationships we do have, whether it be a neighbor, a business associate, or good friend. 

These are not the numbers of control (though it may appear that way with the 4), but just the simple act of spending more time cultivating the relationships we wish to keep. It doesn't have to be a group discussion or even serious conversation - just time spent enjoying each others' company. 

If you wish to find a relationship, the 4 and 6 are a good place to start setting intentions for one that is not only for your highest and best good, but one that has a solid base to it. Begin the morning telling the Universe what type of person you wish to meet. And if you have just begun a relationship, can they bring those assets to the table? Do you feel secure with this individual or is it all "up in the air"? Choose wisely.

6 is also the Nurturer and that may be a good way to start the day. Take care of yourself and spoil yourself a bit. You deserve it!