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Dare To Change Your Life. Your Numerology Vibrations for April 16, 2014


There are several ways to look at this combination of numbers today. Some I like - others I don't. And of course, I'm like everyone else. I apply it to my life and ask, "What do I wish to grasp onto out of the possibilities?"

Because of the conversations that have been circulating lately, this combination does bring the Spiritual Seeker (7) together with Old Wisdom from the past (9) for our highest and best good (11). (And if the past is this incarnation, think back to April 16, 2005 time frame). 

Another side, is that we observe (7) what isn't for our highest and best good (11) and let it go (9). The Astrologers have said that during this April, 2014, if we don't let it go, it will be done for us. And that's also a possibility.

Either way, the intuition is running particularly high today - more so than at other times. We can't get much clearer in vision than this combination. What are you seeing? What do you know must be done? And I'm not talking about conventional tasks such as paying the electric bill or cleaning out a room.  

These are life changes and this is not a stagnant vibration. What needs to be let go of (9) in order to achieve a better life? Begin.