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Entice Your Customers! Your Numerology Vibrations for April 4, 2014


We just couldn't quite get into the working mood yesterday, could we? 

Today, however, with two numbers in the business segment, we may find ourselves back into the office with a new attitude - generous though it may be.

4 and 8 are the business and money makers of the Numerology clan, while 6 enjoys more the interaction with its customers.  But with "customer service" a heightened possibility today, why not combine the two? Throw an impromptu sale (if you're in retail), or take treats to the office for fellow co-workers. 

Thinking of giving someone a raise but just haven't done it? Today, you can brighten their day!

Another aspect of this combo - brighten your office or home/office! If you're in the Northern Hemisphere, celebrate the coming of Spring by shedding the blah and introducing COLOR (6 loves that). Consider repainting your office, if it needs it and you have the authority. Choose colors wisely, but spruce it up! 

And even if it's not on your list of things you enjoy, wherever your office is (even your home office or computer stand), wash the window. That's right. Wash at least that one window and let the outdoors in

All in all, it's a great vibration. Fire up the coffee pot and enjoy!