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Get It In Gear! Your Numerology Vibrations for April 1, 2014


Here we go! The first quarter of the year, we've narrowed it down to where we're headed. Now, it's time to move. It's time to begin 2014, in some respects.

Today, we're asked to get it in gear (1) and if communication of a verbal or creative nature (3) is warranted, you're all set.

Though the 1 will want us to be more isolated and independent, the 3 wants to bring others into the picture for fun and laughter. Bring a little balance into your life by serving both vibrations. Sometimes goals and projects are best completed alone so that it will get accomplished. That doesn't mean we have to sit by ourselves all day. However, it does mean that we should take advantage of the alone times.

Perhaps your goal includes others. In that case, round them up! If it's a family decision, have a special family dinner tonight. If it includes friends that are available today, meet for coffee or lunch. It's a day to get the ball rolling.

Tomorrow, we'll be headed into a much more people oriented vibration. So if you need more time alone today, make a date to spend fun time with friends/family tomorrow, Friday, or Sunday.