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How Can You Change It? Your Numerology Vibrations for April 24, 2014


Nurturing one's health
Physical, emotional, spiritual. 

There are many types of health that surrounds us. And today, we will address the one that we need the most. 

Balance. It's odd for me to be writing about balance with the 8, but health can be greatly affected by one side of a person's life overshadowing all the other sides. 6 comes into the mix and says, "You're neglecting yourself."

We all take responsibility for our lives. So often, however, we find ourselves stating, "But I have to....", thereby justifying why we need to stay within a particular mode. But we choose. 

What can we let go of?
What can we walk away from?
Or what can we add into our schedule?
What's truly important and what's not?

Today, take some quiet time (even during a work day), to look at the "needs" in your life. Are they being met? And how can you change it?