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I Need A New Computer! Your Numerology Vibrations for April 21, 2014


A most appropriate time to install the new computer! 

Thinking of getting a new communication device? It's a good day for it. 3 is the number of communication, 5 likes to travel and experience new ideas and concepts. And both are not afraid to spend the money. 

Both will use it in business, but they're looking at the enjoyable side of the venture more than dollar signs and profit/loss statements. They'll worry about the expense later. (Do try to stay within the budget). 

And for home? 3 wants to have a bit of fun on it as well. 

And if you don't require a new computer, cell phone, notebook, ipad, or any of the other devices we've grown to enjoy, use the ones you have! It's time to chit-chat all over the world. Brew a cup of tea and take time to reconnect to those you may be out of touch with.