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I Need Some ME Time. Your Numerology Vibrations for April 7, 2014


7 and 9 - a challenge in Numerology. It's not so much that they couldn't sit down and have a good conversation, but the 9 is people driven and the 7 is always asking, "Can we shut the door now?"

The solitary researcher meets the care-giving, social worker and the two just don't add up unless you allow the 7 to analyze each and everyone who crosses its path (7s can do that). 

What they do have in common is the ability to look within at the mysteries of life. I know it's Monday, but unless we have a profession that speaks at all times, we can find times and moments to ask the questions that have been bugging us lately. And if we set our intention that the answers will come, (perhaps not that second), we can continue throughout the day with those things that are required. 

It's not always easy to remain isolated in a home filled with family, but if you're feeling the pull to have "Me Time", make an appointment with yourself to work it into your schedule. We all need time to ourselves and we'll have several days throughout the month of this vibrational combo.