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Move Your Energy! Your Numerology Vibrations for April 10, 2014


We all have something to say today! 

Our expression may be through words (spoken/written), artistry, song, dance, acting, or other methods of communication. 

For those in sales, it can be a particularly creative time to introduce new items, or run an impromptu sale. Perhaps, it's as simple as changing things around in your store. Have you changed things lately? Stagnation creates stagnant profits. 

Think of ways to move your energy under this vibration! 3 loves to move and play; 1 says "YES! Let's do it." Change things about in your office, home, or work space. Weather permitting, open your windows/door and let air flow through.

And if things get a bit stressful today, take a page from the 3s book - PLAY!