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My Way Or The Highway. Your Numerology Vibrations for April 8, 2014


Decisions, anyone? 

Two hard hitters join forces today to decide what should be done with ... anything! The challenging side of these two is that they take no prisoners and it's "my way or the highway."  Not always a great combo when others feelings or futures are involved. 

If you need to make choices today and they only involve you, good deal. However, with everything else that is floating about in the sky, think it through instead on the spur of the moment. One hour may not make a big difference just to look at it from all angles. 

If you must make choices today that involves a team of folks, getting a second opinion is not always a bad thing to do. I will let you know though, that both the 8 and 1 "don't do" second opinions. If your numerical blueprint is filled with other 1s and 8s, I suspect you don't either.

Either way, give yourself a little more time in that department and choose wisely.