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Perform An Act of Kindness. Your Numerology Vibrations for April 9, 2014.


2/9 - 9/2 It doesn't matter how we look at it, we're looking at emotions today. And both the 2 and 9 can really feel from the heart (when the 9 allows itself to). 

Overall, care-giving is the name of today's vibration, even in a world that feels a bit challenging and angry at the moment. We don't have to take care of everyone; we may only have to take care of ourselves. 

If you're feeling like one of those that would like to throw everyone out the door at the moment, start with something small to care for - a plant, a pet (buy them a treat), a room (yes, a room - clean it up today), or a small gesture for a friend/neighbor. Perhaps someone needs help bringing in their mail or something has blown off their porch and you return it to them. It's the gestures that count today.

Set aside the frustrations of life and perform an act of kindness.