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Relationships! Your Numerology Vibrations for April 11, 2014


RELATIONSHIPS! All the relationship numbers of Numerology have come out to touch our lives.  And with the 11 as a major hitter, we can take this two ways.

1. Look at the relationships around you and choose if they are for your highest and best good. It's re-evaluation time. Are you just settling? 

2. If you're looking for a relationship, keep the same in mind - highest and best good. Is this really what you would have assigned for yourself?

Whether it is personal, business-oriented, or a friendship, we all have choices to make when it comes to relationships. Staying in an abusive or stagnant interaction doesn't allow us to move forward and what we see is what we get over time. It doesn't move. We don't move. 

Can it be made better? That will be something you have to evaluate. Either way, today we're asked to assess where we stand with those around us and where to go from here. It'll be our decision.