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Relieving Stress. Your Numerology Vibrations for April 14, 2014


Two of the cerebral numbers are joining today and though natural vibrations to each other, they are very different when it comes to relationships. One wants to have a great time, the other wants a day of seclusion. 

5 loves the spontaneity of it all while 7 says, "Let's think and analyze this first." What we can say is that change is eminent and 7 will have us researching the best way to do it. 

5 enjoys the "come what may" but 7 wants to have the control of deciding just how it's going to be accomplished. 

So, with this team, I expect that cyberspace will be humming and keyboards pounding with research - finding answers to a better way of life.

Remember, if things get too crazy out there today, walk outside. That's right. Go outside for a moment, preferably near a tree or plant. Both vibrations calm down outdoors in nature. And if you have to repeat the process, feel free.