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Shop Till You Drop? Your Numerology Vibrations for April 3, 2014


If this were Friday, no one would get any serious work done! And it may not matter that it's Thursday. We may get the same results.

3 and 5 want to escape today to travel and play. Procrastination will be abundant. If we thought yesterday, "I'll do it tomorrow", don't count on it.

It's not that we can't buckle down and accomplish tasks and goals under this vibration but we'll have to dig down to our own individual charts to find the personal vibrations to do it.

Under this vibration, money can fly! Fly out of the wallet, fly out the door, or fly out the windows. Oh no...not by itself. You'll be all too happy to "Shop Till You Drop". Watch the checkbook figures.

It should be a particularly good day for retail, wholesale, and cyberspace sales, so if you're selling, get the notice out there. But do it early; do it often. You're in competition with a lot of businesses. Those who are playful and FUN will be noticed first (because that's what 3 and 5 enjoy - FUN).

And if you just can't get it together to produce, sell, and/or work, well...tomorrow is another day. Crank up the tunes and enjoy!