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Silent Blessings. Your Numerology Vibrations for April 2, 2014


I haven't written about this vibration for a long time! And we will see this on several occasions this month.

It's about love, home, and relationships - whether we want one, or have one that needs attention. For those who may not have spent enough time with their loved ones, get them together and make it a special time.

(That being said, we can give all the attention we have to one that exists but if they are not open to it, that doesn't mean we failed. Everyone in the relationship has the responsibility to be attentive. You, however, can make the first move.)

For those who wish to no longer be single, the 3 vibrations indicating relationship are joined for projecting your want to the Universe. Set your mind on the type of individual you'd like to share your life with! Allow that to be your focus.

Today, practice kindness and generosity to others (and yourself). Pass along a silent blessing to those you walk by.  Practice humanitarianism. Buy flowers and set them on your desk or share them with another who needs a smile. Love.